Sunday, July 26, 2009

Code Red

Just remembered one scene from “A few Good Men”, for apparently no reason.

Just to summarize the movie, it’s a case where one army man gets killed in his own bunker by two other soldiers. Tom Cruise is fighting the case for those two soldiers. In the end it is discovered that the soldiers were given order to kill Santiago with Code Red.

Jack Nicholson, the officer ordering Code Red is going to get punished but the other two gets punished, too. One of the guys just doesn’t get it. Something like “We just followed the orders. We were given code red. Why are we getting punished”. The Second guy tells him, “But we are at fault too. We are here to serve the country. We should have raised our voices against it because it was wrong thing to do. So it’s our fault, too”

Whatever we are doing the responsibility is with us. I did this because “the team lead told me too.” Really? And were you convinced? No. So why did you do it? When we start doing things only after getting convinced and after understanding reasons behind doing so then we will never answer it was told to me by someone.

Remember “Code Red” Always!

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  1. I quite like this one .. makes sense in more than one ways.


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