Saturday, July 04, 2009


I went to Hanumaan temple on Saturday. There were so many garlands made up of the leaves of tree Rui. It was even difficult to see the face of the god. People were putting oil on the statue.

This whole phenomenon of Faith in Indian mind never fails to baffle me!

All those garland made up of leaves are going to be in garbage the next day. The oil is sheer waste!!

I have seen people poring out a whole ½ liter milk bag over Shiv Pind. Guys, I understand you want to bath your god in milk. Put a couple of spoons in water and use that! But, whole ½ liter milk? It’s just going down the drain! Do people really think that it will get them extra Punya or something?

I really long for the time of the year when the painters start painting the Dagduseth Ganapati. The murti without all the heavy jewelry (which is customary everyday now days) looks magnificent. I remember the time when Jaya Bacchan had given a pair of golden ears after Amitabh Bacchan, recovered from his tragic accident. Then those ears were used in the 10 days of Ganapati festival. And it was fascination then to see the Ganapati Bappa, in special jewelry, in those golden ears. We have come a long way from those days.

I am a believer too. But, my whole idea of punya does not revolve around gold chains, ½ liter milk bags or the garlands. How funny is it to bribe the god with materialistic items? If I must, I rather give the gifts to the same temples in form of money. They do excellent work with it, be it giving scholarships to needy students, giving free food to poor fellows. Don’t know about punya, but this would surely get you some hearty blessings!


  1. Where do you think the root cause of all these blind beliefs of people lie?

  2. Hmmm.. I don't think the beliefs are blind. I am a believer, too.
    Its just that people go a little overboard and more materialistic and forget in their enthusiasm that all the gifts would be of little help if the feelings are not at right place... And if the feelings are at right place, then all the materializtic things are of little importance... :)


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