Saturday, July 04, 2009

Feeling Inadequate

Some people make me feel so inadequate. So very small, almost tiny...

There is this lady. Her daughter recently got married and she put up a wonderful ceremony. She has such a cordial relationship with all her relatives. I am yet to see her without that big bright smile and enthusiastic eyes. Her presence in the room is enough to make the room look brightly lit.

And guess what? She can not speak, she can not hear. And yet she is the one of the most talkative person I have ever seen! She always has so much to say. She may not have scaled the world. She does not own the biggest business in town. But she is rich in terms of her relationships. She is content in her life. And that warmth is felt by everyone around. Can you think of anything which is more worth while than this?

When you meet someone who has accomplished many things which you long for, what do you feel? We tend to envy the fortune they have. The jealousy is there because you feel that you are everything that that person is. But you don’t have all those things just because the other person is little luckier than you!

But, when you meet someone, who is not as fortunate as you and still so content in his own life, you end feeling Nothing, but inadequate…. Tiny … Small!!!

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