Sunday, July 26, 2009

Incomplete Painting

I have a bad tendency to start something new. Nah starting something new is not bad. But I loose interest if the things do not quickly start turning out to be the way I had envisioned them.

I had started one oil paining. My first oil painting! And I wanted to paint the Switzerland garden with the lines of different color flowers. I just happened to see the snaps and oh so beautiful song from Kabhi Kabhi. But, common that’s a pretty tall order. It was just not turning out to be the way I wanted it. So I stopped. The paining still half complete is hung on the wall.

Each time I go in my room, I see it. Few times I still find myself staring at it. Still thinking how best I can complete it. Agreed that I may not be able to finish it the way I had envisioned it, for like Ever! But, I can still complete it in some other way. Isn’t the completed painting better than the current half completed one?

Hm…… Soch ne wali baat hai

There are more incomplete things in life. A half completed friendship, unsaid things, incomplete relationships and incomplete tasks. Each time you think of that uncompleted thing you feel guilty. You start thinking how best you could have completed it.

The painting is still with me. Never to late to complete it. It may not be the case about few other things. Beware next time before stopping short of completing the things.


  1. Go ahead and complete it :-) ... you are sure to feel on top of the world, that day atleast :)

  2. Hmm... attempted to complete one of the incomplete things. Don't happen to feel on top of the world, in fact felt quite contrary to that...
    I guess somethings just cannot be the way u want it to be...


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